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How will I receive my product after purchase ?

When you download products from State Of Sound, you will be able to download your product on the order confirmation page. You will receive instant emails of your download links. Due to email filtering settings, your download link can sometimes end up in the spam/junk folder, so be sure to check every folder n your email. If you still haven't found your files, please contact us ASAP. 

Can I use said products with any DAW ?

From Protools, to GarageBand, to the more popular Fl Studio, these digital downloads can be used with all DAWS of choice, Our products come as .wav files and can be dragged in with ease.

Are these sounds free for my own production?

Absolutely. Feel free to use State Of Sounds products in your own work. You can sell beats online using our original compositions/melodies/loops royalty free. Go for it ! However, by purchasing a sound pack from us and any of these loops are placed with a major artist, the creator is entitled to a percentage of royalty splits/publishing/advance (terms vary).

What about a refund policy? 

All purchases are final. No refunds are given under any circumstances. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. The reason we are unable to process refunds is because once a digital product is released, there isn’t a way to revoke access to it.

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